Defibrillators - Is renting or buying secondhand worth it?

Defibrillators - Is renting or buying secondhand worth it?

Defibrillators are not cheap pieces of equipment, especially if you’re on a tight budget, so we understand that of course you want to get a defib for the cheapest price you possibly can. As a result, you may be considering some alternative options to get a defibrillator, for example, renting or hiring a defibrillator. Or, you may be tempted to shop on websites like eBay, Facebook marketplace or even Gumtree in the hopes of getting this lifesaving equipment for less.

With many manufacturers also experiencing production delays on accessories, you may have resorted to trying to find defibrillator pads and batteries on sites like those mentioned above, or wherever they may be available if official retailers are out of stock and experiencing subsequent delays. It might seem like you’re getting a good deal, but can you be sure the product you’re receiving is genuine, that the battery/pads haven’t expired or that the device is not refurbished to a poor standard with no warranty?

In our blog, we take a look at some options you may have thought about in order to get a defibrillator or accessories for the lowest price, and the main considerations to take into account before parting with your hard earned money.

Defibrillators for Rent/Hire

While this isn’t something that Defib World currently offers, you may be considering renting a defibrillator unit, with the obvious attraction being that you can get a device for as little as £1 a day from some companies. This may sound like a great potential option, especially for businesses or individuals that don’t have the funds to pay for a defibrillator up front. However, it’s worth being aware that it is likely to be more considerably more expensive for you in the long run, potentially for a lower spec device than what you could get if you paid for one outright. Not to mention you will likely be limited with the choice defibrillators that are available, as not all defibrillator makes and models are available to rent or hire. We would advise that you thoroughly check the terms of the contract before you enter into it; some suppliers may require you to pay a fee upfront as well as fees to end the contract early if you decide the plan doesn’t suit you anymore. It’s also worth looking into what extras are included (if any) as you may end up paying more for things on top such as maintenance and servicing (plus the cost of any parts needed if your defibrillator is faulty and in need of a repair), so you need to decide if this option is actually worth it for you and your needs.

Refurbished devices

You may already know it’s possible to buy refurbished electrical goods such as mobile phones, but did you know it is possible to purchase a refurbished defibrillator from certain retailers?

However, as most of us have experienced at one point or another, technology can be temperamental, especially the older that it is. We feel that there is a significant degree of risk in refurbishing a device that is designed to help you save a life, because there are no guarantees that a refurbished defibrillator will be operational and fully functional for the length of time you would hope it will be. You really cannot afford for it to fail in the crucial moment you need it, and so for this reason, we do not currently supply any defibrillator that is not brand new, straight from the production line with a manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. Refurbished defibrillators also tend to be older models that may have been discontinued from production, which means that they are likely to be outside of their original manufacturer’s warranty with minimal or no support available from the manufacturer if anything goes wrong with the device or its software. If you are still considering purchasing a refurbished device, we would advise only buying from reputable outlets, and that you check to see if the supplier offers their own warranty at the very least. Generally speaking, we would advise against purchasing a refurbished defibrillator - it simply isn’t worth the risk of ending up with a dud device.

Second hand devices

Believe it or not, we have seen people attempt to sell second hand devices on Facebook marketplace, which should make you wonder where the devices came from in the first place. Unfortunately, some people attempt to sell what appear to be stolen defibrillators on websites like Facebook and eBay for very low prices. But the phrase “if something is too good to be true, it probably is” springs to mind with regards to second hand defibrillators. You should be incredibly cautious of anyone attempting to sell a device online, as you have no way of knowing the history of the device or if it’s even going to be working when you receive it! We’ve also seen people sell pads and batteries that have passed their expiry date. Pads begin to lose their stickiness when they expire, which means that they don’t adhere to the skin so well, and cannot conduct the electrical shock to the heart as efficiently as it should. Therefore, we strongly advise that you do not purchase a defibrillator unit or pads/batteries from secondhand sellers.

Don’t take the gamble, always buy new from reputable retailers like us!

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