The Practi-Man range of manikins and manikin accessories includes the Standard Manikin, Advanced, Pro and Practi-Baby Manikin. Robust but lightweight, these affordable manikins are easy to carry and come with a variety of impressive features including audible clicker and hygienic airway system which vents exhaled air out of the back of the head of the manikins to prevent infection.

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MB-ADV Clips - Pack of 2

(£4.80 Inc VAT)

Practi-Baby Bag Single

(£34.80 Inc VAT)

Practi-Baby Chest Skin

(£7.80 Inc VAT)

Practi-Baby Face

(£7.20 Inc VAT)

Practi-Baby Infant Manikin with Bag

(£144.00 Inc VAT)

Practi-Baby Lungs - 4 Pack

(£9.60 Inc VAT)

Practi-Baby Manikin - Pack of 4

(£540.00 Inc VAT)

Practi-Baby Valve Pack of 2

(£3.60 Inc VAT)

Practi-Man Advanced CPR Manikin

(£156.00 Inc VAT)

Practi-Man Advanced Manikin 4 Pack with Bag

(£636.00 Inc VAT)

Practi-Man Advanced Manikin Family

(£924.00 Inc VAT)
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