Defibrillator Batteries

The battery is the power source that enables a defibrillator to deliver a shock when someone has had a cardiac arrest. The most common fault with defibrillators is that the battery has died so you should ensure that your battery always has a decent amount of charge, and ensure you have a replacement on hand if needed. Some defibrillator batteries are rechargable, others are disposable, with a standby life of around 5 years on average.

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CU Medical iPAD SP1 Battery and Pads Bundle

(£213.60 Inc VAT)

CU Medical Systems iPAD SP1/SP2 Smart Pads (Child & Adult) Pack of 2

For adult and paediatric use

(£83.99 Inc VAT)

Defibtech Lifeline 7 Year Battery Pack

*Please note there is currently an extended lead time on this product

(£338.40 Inc VAT)

Defibtech Lifeline Standard 5 Year Battery

(£252.00 Inc VAT)

HeartSine Samaritan Paediatric-Pak

(£130.80 Inc VAT)
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